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Matthew Arblaster



Matthew Arblaster

Matthew Arblaster

At the Bayer Cheltenham facility, we have been using TAS electrical for 6 months now. They provide us with ongoing electrical labour and 24hr break down support.

TAS electrical provides Bayer with quality personnel several days a week to match our production needs. The staff are self-motivated and able to manage the preventative and electrical maintenance work on site. The staff plan, and execute the work to our requirements and complete the relevant paper work required.

TAS electrical also provides us with 24hr breakdown support. This often includes fault finding complex problems and resolving issues to keep our assets functioning. The response time and the fault finding skills of Tim and his team are exceptional, of particular note is the follow up and concern following the breakdown.

TAS electrical also offers us the value added service of supplying parts, in one instance organising a critical part to be urgently flown in from overseas within several days.

At Bayer we find TAS electrical provide quality work, easy to deal with and responsive to our needs.

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